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Sizing FAQs: What is Pit-to-Pit Measurement?

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Sizing FAQs: What is Pit-to-Pit Measurement?

Getting the right measurements is vital in finding the best-fitted clothes. When you measure yourself correctly, you can use size guides to find the right-sized football shirt for you or a loved one.

Pit-to-pit is one of the most accurate ways to take a measurement, and can help to avoid any potential sizing errors.

But what is pit-to-pit measurement? Is pit-to-pit the same as chest size? Find out in this shirt sizing FAQ from the experts at TOFFS!

What is pit-to-pit measurement?

Pit-to-pit measurement is exactly as it sounds, and involves measuring a well-fitting garment from one armpit to the next, across the chest.

Instead of measuring your body length, you measure pit-to-pit on another T-shirt, whether this is a football shirt or any similar style of shirt that fits you well.

When you measure from a garment, it is easier to take accurate measurements, especially if you have nobody to help you.

This can also help if you are buying a special gift for someone and do not want them to know - all you need is a similar styled T-shirt to get accurate pit-to-pit measurements.

How can I take pit-to-pit measurements?

To take a pit-to-pit measurement, start by laying your chosen garment flat on the ground. This should always be on a flat surface, or the measurement will not be accurate. You can use a tape measure to do this.

Most size guides go in inches, so measure in inches if you can. If you prefer centimetres, you can always use a measurement converter to find the size in inches afterwards. Once you have the T-shirt laid flat, you can take the measurement.

Make sure to measure from the widest part of the T-shirt armpit to the same place on the other side. This should always go across the front of the garment, so your shirt should be facing up whilst you measure.

You should not just half your chest measurement, as pit-to-pit is slightly different to an actual chest measurement.

Is pit-to-pit the same as chest?

Pit-to-pit is not the same as a chest measurement. Many size guides go off chest measurements, but these can be harder to obtain.

Pit-to-pit measurements on a T-shirt are perhaps the best way to get an accurate measurement when finding a football shirt.

When taking a chest measurement, you would take this from the fullest part of your chest. This is not taken from pit to pit, and is therefore a different measurement altogether. You can measure your chest and pit-to-pit for a fuller picture of your size.

If you also want to take chest measures, you should get someone to help you. This will make sure the measurement is as accurate as possible. Unlike taking the size from the garment, chest measurement is done against your skin.

You can use a soft tape measure to work out your chest measurements. Wrap the measuring tape under your armpits. This is done at the fullest part of your chest and should be snug. It should never be so tight that there is compression.

Chest measurements should always be taken without another top on. Wearing something underneath would affect the measurement. This could mean you get the wrong size football shirt.

How to use pit-to-pit measurements to get the right-sized football shirt

Thanks to our TOFFS sizing guide, you can work out which size is best before purchasing. This can help when ordering football shirts online, as you cannot try them on before you buy. We use both pit-to-pit and chest measurements, and these are in inches.

Pit-to-pit is the most accurate method, but you can also use chest measurements if you want to. As with any clothing, the fit and size can change depending on the style of the football shirt. A sizing guide is a good estimation, but should only be used as a guide.

You should also be aware that cotton can shrink during wash cycles. This is something to bear in mind before purchasing, as you may want to get a size slightly larger than your pit-to-pit measurement. It is always better to size up slightly rather than size down; after washing your football shirt, you can always ease it back into shape.

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