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How to Choose Football Gifts for a Child

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How to Choose Football Gifts for a Child

Looking for football gifts for a child or children in your family? It’s easy if you’re a fan of the sport yourself.

However, not everyone loves football, which can leave you with a difficult decision to make - especially when the child in question already has a bedroom and garden full of football gear and equipment!

Here’s a few ideas and tips from TOFFS on what to choose when seeking football gifts for a child. We’ll make suggestions that we hope will inspire you - from kids’ football shirts to memorabilia to essential equipment and collectables, here are our top tips.

Find out what football team they support

This is an easy task that will make such an enormous difference when looking for football gifts for a child.

Knowing the team or teams they support will help narrow down your shopping choices - this means finding out not only what club or national team they follow, but also whether they watch any local teams, or if they are part of a school team or amateur side.

Discovering this information may help you discover a gift that they don’t already have - perfect for the footy-crazed child who has everything already!

Players, managers and coaches can inspire children, so spend time discovering as much as you can about who your child looks up to in the game.

Shop for football shirts and clothing

Once you know the team or teams they follow, you could look for some football shirts or gear. Football-loving kids love to show off their support in what they wear, and you don’t have to stick to the latest season kits either. You could teach the child a little about the history of the team they support with retro football shirts.

This is a fun way of showing interest in the team’s history, while widening the child’s wardrobe selection!

Think beyond the football kit

Don’t get stuck in the thinking that a match kit is the only way to go. You could add in a whole host of clothing emblazoned with footy logos and colours, including TOFFS’ range of T-shirts and hoodies, or accessories such as a hat or scarf. Deck the child out with some day-to-day clothing, and you can give them more options of showing their support and passion for a team.

Ask about their favourite players

After discovering as much as you can about the teams, find out who is inspiring them on the pitch. Sometimes the most inspirational players aren’t playing for the team that the child supports!

Try to find out about a few players, but do ask about their number one hero - you can use this information to get a name printed on the back of a shirt, or to inspire other gifts.

Often players will endorse and promote products - this could be another way to find a football gift for a child.

Football gifts for the garden

Those who follow football as spectators will often be outside in the garden kicking a ball around in their spare time. Plenty of outdoor gift ideas can be of interest for these kids, such as:

  • Portable goals
  • Training balls
  • Trick and skill sets

You could go even further and dedicate part of the lawn to a mini-sized pitch. Add on the lines, some outdoor lighting and even a few benches alongside, and you can help your child to really feel like they’re playing for their favourite team!

Football gifts for the bedroom

Sometimes the weather is against even the hardiest football-playing child. It’s a clever idea to give them a space inside dedicated to footy for these circumstances, ad the bedroom can be the obvious choice!

Pick out some soft furnishings in their team colours, add some books about their favourite players, a footy-inspired bedside light, maybe a throw, and your child will fall in love with a personal space that highlights their love for the sport.

If you’re stuck for decorating inspiration, sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are full of ideas. Here, you can find some incredible designs to kick off your decoration in the right way. You can transform the room into a stadium, a pitch or use art pieces for the more grown-up child.

The most important things to consider when picking out football gifts for a child are:

  • What team do they support?
  • Which player is their number one?
  • Who else inspires them in the world of football?

Ask friends and family to help you discover more about the child and their love for football. You can open a wide range of gift buying ideas by learning more about their favourites!

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