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How to Choose Gifts for a Football-Mad Girl

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How to Choose Gifts for a Football-Mad Girl

Having difficulty choosing the right gifts for a football-mad girl?

Girls who find passion for the sport were often left feeling overlooked when seeking presents to reflect their love for football - but not anymore!

The good news is football gifts for girls are everywhere and easily accessible, and you can find a huge range of football gear for kids here at TOFFS.

One of the best ways to approach shopping for girls who love football is not to be restricted by their gender. However, there are still a few specific things to consider when you’re shopping, which can help you to find the right presents that will be a big hit for the young fan.

Learn about the teams your footy mad girl supports

The team that they support is always going to be the most important factor. Girls will have a team or teams with which they are totally enamoured. The first starting point is to establish the national team - an easy win!

You can also think more locally. Is there a local team that the child is showing their support for?

This could be your county’s local team or even a smaller team that they play for, or their friends play for. Learn as much as you can about the teams they consider themselves to be a fan of!

Watching the match

Once you know the team or teams, you could investigate getting tickets to watch a match. Season tickets for Premier League teams might be out of the budget, which is why getting to know some smaller, more local teams is a great idea.

Buying tickets and attending matches is not only a great gift, but also a memorable occasion. You could buy a ticket to an important game, or several tickets to smaller, local games.

Clothing gifts for a football-mad girl

Clothing and apparel are a wonderful way for football fans to show their support. It’s also a form of expression, letting the world know who they support.

Clothing gifts can come in many forms. You have the latest strips and classic retro designs, as well as football-themed T-shirts and hoodies for more casual settings.

No one wants a wardrobe full of the same shirt, so think about buying older styles of their favourite team to give them some more options when deciding what to wear!

Playing the game

You can hit the back of the net with football gifts for girls by thinking about improving how they play the game themselves. Deck the garden out with some excellent training equipment - this shows that not only do you support their hobby, but you believe that they have what it takes to make it.

There are numerous football items that can fit into even the smallest garden, from tethered footballs to inflatable goals and small cones for dribbling practice. Dedicate some or all the lawn/paving to football for them to practice and play in!

Who is their football hero?

Another way to discover the perfect football gift for your football-mad girl is learning about their hero. They could have one or more person that inspires them. so ask about who they admire - whether it’s a player, manager, coach or even a presenter!

Use this information to help you find the perfect gift.

Many famous people in football have books or branded products that your child might appreciate. You could also do a bit of social media investigation to learn about the brands that sponsor the individual, or who they choose to endorse.

Football inspired décor

Finally, decorating the bedroom is a wonderful way to go. You don’t have to go full-on footy-themed by painting the wall green and adding a green rug.

You can find plenty of great ideas on social media and websites such as Pinterest. Subtle additions to the room can show style but also reflect their love for football.

Think about ideas such as:

  • Framing a favourite shirt
  • Posters of players or a stadium
  • Framing tickets and personal photos taken at matches or training sessions
  • Themed clocks, lamps and picture frames
  • Rugs, duvet sets and throws
  • Pinboards decorated with match tickets and flyers

Finding the perfect gifts for football-mad girls isn’t difficult. There are plenty of great ideas that will go down a storm, providing you take the time to learn what it is about football they love.

If they are a fan of retro fashion and football shirts, you can get them a cool shirt that is dripping in history and past successes here at TOFFS.

Find a retro shirt for their favourite football team, and make the next gift-giving occasion a memorable one for the whole family!

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