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The Six Nations 2022 - Your TOFFS Product Guide

The Six Nations is due to begin this spring season, and what better way to celebrate your favourite team than with one of our classic shirts. Read more now!

5 months ago

My First Football Memory: With Jim Daly of Five Year Plan

What was your first football memory? Jim Daly of Crystal Palace fanzine Five Year Plan has shared his story with TOFFS - take a trip down memory lane with us!

2 years ago

TOFFS Referee Report: Which Premier League refs favour your team?

Which Premier League referee is your team’s lucky charm? Who has overseen the most wins, and who’s a jinx? Find out with these eye-opening stats from TOFFS!

2 years ago

Game Changers: Charting Football’s Evolution Since the 1800s

Football has changed a lot since the days when legalised handball and £100 transfer fees were the norm. Find out how the game has evolved with TOFFS!

2 years ago