White Blue & Yellow Cashmere Bar Scarf



White Blue & Yellow Cashmere Bar Scarf

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* Savile Rogue Classic
* 100% woven cashmere wool bar scarf
* 156cm long
* 20cm wide
* Black presentation box

Our original cashmere football scarf in retro white, yellow and blue colours, this is the Savile Rogue Classic bar scarf for discerning Leeds United fans.

Made from premium quality cashmere wool, this scarf is not an official Leeds United scarf: It bears no club crest and contains no nylon. Part of its understated appeal is that it can be worn to the game or on any occasion.

Woven in Scotland from finest cashmere wool, it is both warm enough for a cold night on the terraces and compact enough to fold into your coat pocket.

Comes in a stylish black presentation box.