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Watford Football Newspaper Book. Relive those glorious moments of a favourite football team captured in newsprint. From the early 20th century to the recent past, each book affords a unique perspective on your team or sport’s colourful history. They are not written by someone looking back in time, but by reporters who witnessed the games and events as they unfolded and in a language of the time. Capture the history and greatest moments of Watford through the newspapers, as written at the time. Starting with coverage of the English Cup 2nd round match against Spurs in 1923, this book charts a glorious history of great games and League titles through the decades of the 20th century. Top stories include, such classics as Watford's long running 10 - 1 best win over Lowestoft in 1926, the 6 - 1 annihilation of Reading in 1937, the shock away win in the 1950 FA Cup 3rd round over then mighty Preston, the 7-1 defeat of Crystal Palace in 1954, the 1-0 win over Liverpool in the 1970 FA Cup 6th Round, the famous 1-2 away win over Man Utd in the 1978 League Cup. Read about the 7-1 humiliation of Southampton in the 1970 League Cup; against all odds Watford pulled back a 4 goal deficit from the 1st leg and sensationally won in extra time. Relive the thrill of Watford's rise in fortunes under the management of Graham Taylor and Chairmanship of Elton John from 3rd Division minnows in 1978 to 1st Division stardom in the 1980s including the emotional 1984 FA Cup Final against Everton and numerous top scoring results such as the 8-0 defeat over Sunderland in 1982, the 0-4 away win over Leeds in 1984, the 5-0 win over West Ham in 1985 and many more. A unique and wonderful gift and must have for all Watford fans.

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Watford Football Newspaper Book