Preston North End Football Newspaper Book



Preston North End Football Newspaper Book. Capture the history and greatest moments of ‘Preston North End’ through the newspapers, as written at the time. Starting with coverage of Preston’s 1913 defeat of Blackpool to become Division 2 Champions, this book charts a glorious history of great games and League and Cup titles through the decades of the 20th century. Top early stories include beating Aston Villa 6-1 in 1920, the 4-0 defeat of Liverpool in 1952, and the 8-0 thrashing of Birmingham in 1958. Relive the glory of the Cup clashes including the 1922 FA Cup Final’s of 1922, 1937, 1954, 1964 and of course the historic final vs Huddersfield, in 1938 when Preston won the FA Cup. Read about the last game of the 1953 season when despite beating Derby, Preston were pipped to the League title by Arsenal on goal difference. Read also about Ton Finney’s last game in 1960, Nobby Stiles signing for £20,000 in 1973 and appointment as Manager in 1977. Not forgetting more recent coverage, Champions of Division 3 in 1996, Division 2 in 2000 and the heart wrenching play off finals of the last few years. A unique and wonderful gift and must have for all Preston North End fans.

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Preston North End Football Newspaper Book